Network Expert

Position Description

  • Hold design and information gatherings with the customer to understand the existing network design and technical requirements.
  • Understand the customer’s organizational structure and become familiar with the network implementation, support processes and procedures.
  • Carry out testing of new features and functionality required by the customer in a laboratory environment, implement and verify that they are operating correctly in the live network.
  • Test patches and fixes to software to ensure that they are implemented and functioning correctly in the live network.
  • Troubleshoot equipment and network problems.
  • Produce written summary reports of the equipment and network problems status on a regular basis to the customer.
  • Hold technology workshops with the customer to discuss equipment and network problems, provide case status updates, including the reasons for any problems encountered and the workarounds and/or solutions that are being tried.
  • Provide training for customers’ design, implementation and support personnel to configure and operate Networks products.
  • Assist customer in developing Network Operating and Equipment Operating Procedures.

Require Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills

  • Excellent understanding of network architectures and configuration.
  • Detailed technical experience in the installation and operation of large enterprise networks, includeing hands-on operation of management tools and network analysers.
  • Experience in TCP/IP fundamentals.
  • Experience in Routing protocol operation.
  • Experience in Layer 2 protocols and technologies.