Security Specialist

Position Description

  • Perform IT Security related development and environment design, build, and configuration for new applications.
  • Perform adaptive and preventative maintenance planning and implementation.
  • Conduct project specific tool evaluations.
  • Perform technical support and problem diagnosis for support environments.
  • Build and design Windows based security solutions.
  • Interact with vendor on solutions and issues.
  • Identify root cause for complex system failures.
  • Maintain a current knowledge base within IT security area, both for deep detailed knowledge and for an awareness of industry trends.
  • Participate in skill/knowledge transfer within the Project Support Center.
  • Be aware of, and where appropriate assist in defining, SOW’s direction and requirements in the security area.

Require Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, IT Security, or closely related fields is preferred.
  • Working experience within the IT Security area as a consultant, designer/architect, or administrator.
  • Excellent understanding of IT environment (operating systems, networks, applications).
  • Excellent English communications skills, both oral and written.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, and willingness to work in a global team environment.
  • Be flexibility and initiative.