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2017 FinTech & RegTech Solution Day

2017 FinTech & RegTech Solution Day was hosted in Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre with representatives from bank and finance industry. The revolution of the banking transformation & new financial compliance requirement has a direct impact on the Macau financial & banking industry. Various challenges such as the AMCM KYC compliance requirement, continuous customer […]

Global AI Content Centre (GAC) was setup by Technet & IBM on 08 Sep 2017

Global AI Content Centre (GAC) was setup to apply AI technology for on-going operational service of Public, Commercial & Banking sectors. TechNet is alliance with IBM AI, Bing Data & Business Analyst technology to develop & deploy an on-going AI Operational Service Workforce model to serve difference industry sectors with an innovative customer service experience.

1st Macau ATM Operational Centre since 2017

1st Macau ATM Operational Centre (AOC) was jointed established by Technet, NCR and Hitachi on 08 September 2017. Technet cooperated with NCR and Hitachi to set up the 1st Macau ATM Operational Centre. CEO of Technet, General Manager of NCR and Hitachi presented in the ceremony for AOC Grand opening. The AOC setup is leveraging […]

2016 Macau Banking Robotic Day

TechNet 2016 Banking Robotic Day was solemnly held on 14 Oct 2016 at the Macau Tower Convention and Exhibition Centre. Top representatives of over 10 major banks operating in Macau including Bank of China, ICBC, Tai Fung Bank, Luso Bank and HK & Macau Foreign Currency Exchange companies attended the event. With the decline of […]

2015 Macau Banking Automation Day

Hosting 2015 Macau Banking Automation Day, local IT Company TechNet teamed up with Hitachi in a bid to introduce automation technology to Macau’s banking industry. Head of TechNet said Macau is facing critical challenges such as human resources shortage, strict labor import policy and sky-rocketing rentals, the solution to which, he believes, is automation. 2015 […]

IPTV Partnership With Allin

Allin Interactive Corporation is known for its advanced interactive software platform (ITV, mobile, and digital signage) for the hospitality industry, especially for cruise ships and destination resorts. Now, Allin Interactive seeks opportunity in Macau as Macau is becoming a leading worldwide gaming and entertainment center. Allin Interactive has entered into an agreement with TechNet Technology […]

2014 Financial & Banking Solution Day

The dynamic change of greater China and global economy have an essential impact to the Macau Economy, especially in tourism, gaming, financial and banking industry. TechNet Technology Co Ltd joined forces with HP to issue 2014 Financial & Banking Solution Day on July 18th, with target audience focuses on IT and e-Banking executives, Security and […]

2013 e-Finance Smart Solution Day

Macau Economy grows rapidly throughout the recent decade and as a result, it promotes stability to the development of Macau as a whole; however, this consequentially causes inflation and a shortage in human resources. Problems like an increase in operating cost emerges, especially for the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In order to improve their […]